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Why ESA BIC Austria

ESA BIC Austria proposes a strong support structure with different partners. Companies to be hosted at the centre will benefit from:

  • Business development support, advice and effective workplaces for up to 24 months
  • Funding of 50.000 € for product development and IPR
  • Access to ESA IP for Commercialisation  
  • Technical Support up to 80 hours through Technical partners
  • Support to secure further venture capital, loans and grants as needed
  • Access to the international ESA BIC's community and international ESA events
  • (International) contacts to industry players, research institutes and universities
  • Access to the know-how of two incubator organizations with more than ten years of experience in incubating more than 200 tech-startups


Available this year / capacity this year
Support per start-up
Financial support per start-up
50 k€
Hours of technical support

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Find out how and when to apply

You can submit your application at any time. Each BIC has different selection dates. Check out when your nearest BIC application selection is and get the ball rolling.

Closing date in

Selection Campaign #53 Noordwijk

10 October 2017

Selection Campaign #53 Noordwijk

10 October 2017

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