Innovate with space

Knowing exactly how space can benefit your business may not always be obvious. Our technology brokers are experts in assessing market needs in areas where there is a high potential for exploiting space technology. They provide comprehensive advice, research, market studies, product development services and more to support you - before, during and after transfer.

Your business innovation needs are supported by our European Technology Transfer Network (TTN). This highly specialised network of brokers is managed by our Belgian partner Verhaert
Successfully our brokers have brought space technology, systems and expertise down to Earth and into our every-day lives. We do this by making  space accessible to businesses and commercially interesting to explore. Our strength is to offer a complete solution for all aspects of space-related innovation, opening up a development gateway to ESA and to space.
Sometimes transfers are clear-cut. Industrial improvements for components, products or processes can be obvious. Typically though, technology transfers need research and development. Our transfer brokers will work with companies to find the right space technology, or one of ESA's intellectual properties to fit the innovation purpose. The end result - a solution which can boost industrial production, provide a better service or simply a new and better product.
With ESA's entire Intellectual Property portfolio available for transfer space technology has benefitted nearly every industry sector. At every stage our brokers have played a central role in facilitating these novel, new and innovative uses of space technology by: 

  • Matching existing technologies to industry needs
  • Working with businesses on product development
  • Conducting study and research
  • Identifiying market opportunities
  • Seeking new technologies in other sectors which could benefit space exploration.

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