Why ESA broker Austria?

More than 100 Austrian organisations are active in the space sector, generating an annual turnover of about 125 Million Euros and employing about 1.000 scientists and engineers. 

Austrian companies and research institutes have been and still are involved in many ESA missions, such as the Rosetta Mission for landing on a comet, ExoMars for the search for life on Mars, and BepiColombo for the exploration of the Sun's closest planet Mercury. Further, Austrian technologies are crucial for the EU-ESA's space infrastructure for Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation (Galile and Copernicus). The intellectual property involved is reflected by an average of about 20 patents and slightly more than 1.000 publications per year. 

To make these technologies and Intelllectual Property accessible for European non-space industry and start-ups, Brimatech describes space technologies, collects technology needs and mediates between the space sector and the non-space sector.


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“Bridging markets and technologies” – that is what Brimatech stands for. Brimatech Services GmbH is a Vienna-based market research and consulting company specialised in technology-intensive industries. We foster strategy development through profound industry analysis. We support business development by targeted market research. And we rely on being on the scene, and talking to experts and stakeholders in person.

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